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Richard Merrell

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Richard Merrell's career in Quality System Management includes successful assignments as ISO 9000 Project Manager; Quality System Management Representative, Lead Internal Auditor and Document Control Manager in the electronics and medical device manufacturing industries. Richard has coordinated the efforts of international management teams toward the common goal of ISO 9002 and EN 46002 certification, ultimately leading to the coveted CE Mark for numerous products.

In addition to his Technical Writing expertise, Richard's experience incorporates a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of writing disciplines, including Technical Editing; Quality System Documentation; Corporate Communications; Copy writing; Public Relations and Investment Research Reporting. A skilled proofreader and grammarian, Richard's creativity, attention to detail and high level of organization has led him to author numerous short stories, poems and articles published by various magazines, newspapers, and university press publications around the country. In addition, Richard is currently putting the finishing touches on his first novel.

Technical writing and editing
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Richard's technical writing experience has been acquired through positions held as Software Manufacturing Lead, Quality Assurance Specialist, Document Control Manager, Quality System Management Representative and Manager of Technical Affairs. These responsibilities require the use of many different styles of technical writing under tight deadlines and at an extremely high level of accuracy. While Richard's background lies mainly in electronics and medical device manufacturing, he has served as a technical writer and editor in a wide variety of industries.

Richard's technical background, combined with his superior writing and editing skills, gives him the unique ability to take even the most technical information and present it in a manner that is easy to understand. Richard's many accomplishments in the field of technical writing include:

  • Writing numerous end-user instructions for a wide variety of software packages.
    Writing numerous inspection and test instructions for quality assurance departments. These instructions consist of detailed, step-by-step procedures for the visual inspection and functional test of a wide range of electronic assemblies and sub-assemblies.

  • Writing numerous modification instructions for the national repair center of a leading electronic manufacturing company. These instructions were generated using information provided through Engineering Change Orders (ECOs), and explained in detail how to modify a particular piece of equipment per the ECO.

  • Creating and maintaining a monthly ECO Configuration Report, which was used internally as a means by which to quickly review complete revision histories for each product developed or marketed by the company. This included more than 500 product types.

  • Creating and maintaining monthly Average Outgoing Quality (AOQ) Reports, which included Vendor Quality trend charts to inform vendors of their product's incoming inspection results as well as a detailed list of rejected products and reasons for rejection.

  • Creating and maintaining a monthly Customer Complaint Tracking Report, used internally by top management to determine the best methods by which to rectify customer complaints and prevent their recurrence.

  • Creating and maintaining a weekly Software Revision Control Log, used internally as a means by which to quickly review complete revision histories for each set of software developed by the company.

  • Writing a Software Manufacturing Training Guide for the software manufacturing department. This document was used by new and/or inexperienced personnel to quickly become a productive team member within the Software Manufacturing department.

  • Writing and editing numerous quality system procedures and work instructions for leading companies in a wide range of industries, including electronics and medical device manufacturing.

  • Designing numerous product catalogs, accountable for their layout and technical correctness.

Professional experience     > back to the top

April 1997 to Present - Quality System Management Representative

Hired as Document Control Manager, Richard's expertise in writing, editing and processing Quality System documentation was quickly recognized by top management. As a result, Richard was entrusted with leading the ISO 9000/EN 46000 implementation project for a leading medical device manufacturing company. Richard also assumed the additional responsibilities of Quality System Management Representative and Lead Internal Auditor. He was ultimately responsible for overseeing the implementation of the company's entire quality system.

With his creativity, leadership and organizational skills quickly recognized by top management, Richard took on increasing responsibilities for marketing functions such as developing the company's Internet order processing campaign; initiating various public relations projects; creating and editing the company's various product catalogs for layout, readability and technical correctness; and writing the company's 1998, 1999 & 2000 Annual Reports and Corporate Profiles. Additionally, Richard was given complete creative freedom to design product marketing materials such as booklets, brochures and fliers. As a result of the positive impact these materials had on the company, the position of Sales & Marketing Projects Manager was created for Richard in order for him to continue his superior work in that area.

In recognizing his continued outstanding performance in all areas of responsibility, top management promoted Richard to the position of Manager of Technical Affairs. As a result, Richard is responsible for ensuring the operating efficiency of Quality Assurance departments in the United States and Mexico facilities, in addition to his responsibilities described above.

March 1999 to Present - Investment Research Writer

Working as an independent contractor, Richard has written numerous stock buy recommendations for the purpose of increasing the stock price of undervalued companies. These reports include an investment thesis, industry overview, company overview, recent developments within the company, and an overview of products and services. Richard has written for a number of investment banking firms, through which he has covered such high-profile companies as Hansen's Natural; Paxson Communications (PAX TV); Orlando Predator's Entertainment (Arena Football); California Lifestyles, Inc. (Baywatch Footwear); Carbite Golf; Xybernaut Corporation (Wearable Computers) and Jarrett/Favre Driving Adventures.

1995 to 1997 - Quality Assurance Specialist

Richard spent two years as Quality Assurance Specialist for a leading electronics manufacturing firm, and was responsible for the flow of all documentation through the Quality Assurance department. He was promoted from the position of Software Manufacturing Lead upon earning his Bachelor's degree in communications. Richard completely defined the position to fully utilize his knowledge of quality system functions, superior writing skills and technical background.
1993 to 1995 - Software Manufacturing Lead

From 1993 to 1995, Richard held the position of Software Manufacturing Lead, and was responsible for programming various types of custom-made firmware. He was promoted from the position of Quality Assurance Inspector upon earning his A.S. in computer electronics technology. Richard completely defined the position to utilize the knowledge he gained while pursuing his A.S. degree. His excellent work habits and his natural leadership abilities helped Richard excel at this position.

1991 to 1993 - Quality Assurance Inspector

Richard's two-year stint as Quality Assurance Inspector helped him gain valuable experience in performing in-process and incoming inspection on a wide range of electronic and mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies for acceptance into Finished Goods inventory. Richard's knowledge and experience in the field of electronics technology includes digital and analog theory, troubleshooting electronic assemblies and subassemblies, including personal computers, to component level, programming firmware such as EPROMS, EEPROMS, PAL's, and PLCC's, and developing test beds for a wide range of electronic assemblies and subassemblies for the incoming inspection process. This experience allowed Richard to gain invaluable knowledge of the electronics field.

Other areas of expertise     > back to the top

Sales, Marketing & Copywriting

As Sales and Marketing Projects Manager, Richard is responsible for communicating highly technical information to a general audience through the development of user-friendly product catalogs, brochures and other literature that highlights the benefits of products and services. Richard's many accomplishments in this area include:

  • Developing and implementing Internet Ordering Program, which involved creating a direct marketing campaign to highlight the benefits of ordering products on the company's Website. This included creating a proposal to the president of the company to outline the advantages of such a campaign, designing relevant brochures and fliers, and creating targeted e-mail promotions to prospective and existing clientele. Implementation of this project resulted in the company's largest clients conducting all transactions with the company via the Internet.

  • Developing specific sales & marketing literature in accordance with the marketing plan.

  • Developing and implementing advertising ideas and campaigns.

  • Developing sales themes that assist in achieving the company's sales goals.

  • Assisting in the design and implementation of quarterly direct marketing campaigns.

  • Assisting the international sales department with specific sales and marketing programs.

  • Responsible for maintenance of all department computers, printers, software & photographic equipment.

Document Control

As Document Control Manager, Richard has developed and implemented several document control systems, including establishing and maintaining document control departments in U.S. and Mexico facilities. Richard is responsible for writing, editing, formatting, revision control, approval routing and physical and electronic filing of all quality system documentation.

Corporate Communications

During his career, Richard has designed, written and edited a wide variety of business literature, including:

  • Annual Reports

  • Company Press Releases

  • Corporate Newsletters

  • Company Mission Statements

  • Corporate Quality Policies and Objectives

  • Product Catalogs

  • Corporate Profiles

Education and training     > back to the top

  • B.A. Communications - National University, San Diego, California, 1996 
    Certificate - The Institute of Children's Literature, Redding, Connecticut, 1994

  • A.S. Computer Electronics Technology - Coleman College, San Diego, California, 1992

  • Certificate - Computer Electronics Technology Coleman College, San Diego, CA (Graduated Magna Cum Laude), 1991

  • United States Army Veteran

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