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Documentation Management

Electronic Document Management System

Perhaps nothing is more fundamental for an organization than a good document management system. It applies to every process and aspect of your business. This module provides both single and multiple document release capability and links between your documents and other areas of your business systems. It provides users with easy access to your management system documents, authors, revision history and other information with a multitude of conveniences and features for managing documents and controlling changes. This electronic documentation management system allows a user to:

  • Eliminate the time wasted pushing paper procedures around the office,

  • Import existing documents,

  • Store documents and records in one place,

  • Access documents and records anytime, anywhere, in less time,

  • Automatically e-mail notification to the reviewer group when the document is ready for review,

  • Electronically review, approve, and publish documents,

  • Document employee training, when required for newly released documents,

  • Quickly access, print, e-mail or export reports,

  • Reduce the time and effort to distribute documents,

This documentation management system is a flexible solution that makes collaboration more efficient and simplifies even the most complex documentation management needs.

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Document Management

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