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E-learning System

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The e-learning system we offer is a robust Learning Management System (LMS) that enables companies and educational institutions to create and deliver learning online. The system is a flexible application that can accommodate a multitude of learning paths and deliver the appropriate curriculum to each unique learner determined by learner’s login.

This LMS is a complete, scalable e-learning solution equally suited to companies just beginning their foray into e-learning as well as those that are firmly entrenched in e-learning. Whether your intention is simply to put manuals on-line or to deliver media-rich curricula, such as video, audio, web conferences, the system will meet your needs . This product was designed to be intuitive to both novice learners and the experienced e-learner who may wish to take advantage of a non-linear approach to learning.
Front-end (user) features:

  • The Home page provides a visual learning path, depicting all relevant courses in their curriculum with a brief description of the content of each course.

  • Learners access course content right off the Home page -- the visual learning path acts as the learner's main navigation.

  • The 'My Coach' feature introduces the learner to the manager, administrator or teacher who monitors the learner’s progress.

  • The FAQ system allows learners to benefit from a self-serve environment that answers questions pertaining to their course and curriculum.

  • 'My Notebook' enables learners to make quick digital notes that are printable. This helps learners who are accustomed to traditional paper-based learning and learners who need to synthesize information in their own words.

  • My Progress' offers a real-time report card so learners can continually assess their advancement through the curriculum.

  • The 'Learning Community' feature allows learners to interact with others following the same learning path through a Webboard system.

  • 'My Messenger' enables email communication in the e-learning environment between the learner and their manager, administrator or teacher.

  • On-line course registration (ability to purchase a course)

Administration system:

  • Enables customization of the front end style by choosing from 3 different templates and a wide range of color options - making each curriculum look a little different.

  • Contains logo upload feature for client customization of style template

  • Supports unlimited number of learners and learner paths all controlled in the administration system.

  • Enables easy course development

  • Creates dynamic navigation for the learner, based on learning path

  • Easy to develop assessment tools (e.g. Multiple Choice tests and True/False quizzes)

  • Enables quick set-up of learners, managers, administrators, teachers

  • Robust Reporting (track messenger activity, messenger response times, learner activity, coach activity and much more...)

  • Awards digital certificates upon satisfactory completion of curriculum

  • Online Course Registration

  • WSIWYG editors for web page content

  • New Course Developer Administration (3-Tiered Administration Access- also includes System Administrator and Coach Administrator)

  • Time-out feature for tests

  • Expiry date for Learners

  • Toggle on/off Messenger per course

  • Ability to graduate a Learner and/or advance to another course

  • Short Answer Test modules (3 types of tests also include Multiple Choice and True/False)

Web Based Training Software

Click here for a demo of this e-learning system

E-learning research

E-Learning Plays an Increasing Role in Business Strategy, According to Forrester. Six Enterprise Learning Management Suites Evaluated

Cambridge, Mass., January 10, 2005 . . . While many firms adopted e-Learning technologies to educate their workforce to gain a competitive edge, savings on travel costs remains one of the largest benefits. Forrester Research, Inc. (NASDAQ: FORR) finds that today firms are more closely integrating learning applications with other company activities and elevating the role learning plays in their businesses' success. To help clients identify the best learning management system (LMS) for them, Forrester recently evaluated six LMSes. This technology allows firms to control, measure, and report on their deployed learning offerings, and often provides additional features such as analytics, performance management, and learning content management.

"The niche learning suite vendors that focus exclusively on learning applications have been extending their offerings and integrating into other business applications in order to survive the competition from the large enterprise application vendors and from each other," said Claire Schooley, senior analyst at Forrester Research. "We're seeing a positive response to this strategy from customers, who are integrating learning applications with other company activities. Learning is no longer something employees do separate from their work — it's becoming more closely tied to their work and to the success of the company meeting its goals."

Overall, Forrester found that the LMS vendors had similar offerings. However, potential users need to evaluate a vendor according to their company's needs today and in the future. The life span of an LMS is about four years, when new technology advances typically lead to new platforms. This TechRankings is based in part on the following vendor and product characteristics:

  • Monitoring and management. How sophisticated is the product's set of tools for monitoring and managing processes?

  • Analysis and optimization. How sophisticated is the product's set of tools for analyzing process trends, as well as optimizing and redeploying processes?

  • Reporting and analytics. What learning data does the product track? How does the product enable the analysis of learning data? What kinds of reports can users create?

  • Competency management. How does the product ensure that learners receive content appropriate to their needs and the needs of the organization?

  • Content management. What features does the product provide to enable the creation and management of content?

The research mentioned in this release, "Managing Learning: An Essential Component To Business Success," "Standalone LMS Vendors Seek Shelter," and the LMS TechRankings are available to Forrester WholeView™ clients and can be found through

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