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Organizational Charts

Organizational Chart Templates

An organizational chart lists all the functions within a company and establishes relationships between these functions. Use of an organizational chart addresses the requirement of element 5.5.1 of ISO 9001 2008 standard, Responsibility and authority. This element requires an organization to define “…responsibilities and authorities …” within the organization. There are a number of formats used for this purpose.

One of the most typical formats for an organizational chart is a block diagram. The blocks are arranged in the hierarchical structure showing reporting relationships of company’s functions and personnel. One of the most visual formats is a pictorial organizational chart. If you have access to a digital camera and color printers, this may be the way to go. These charts are very easy to remember and use. This organizational chart template is included in our ISO 9001 Documentation Set. A sample of this type of organizational chart is shown below.

Organizational Charts

Another format of an organizational chart may be as simple as a list similar to your hard drive directory structure shown below. The benefits of this chart are a simple text format without time-consuming photos or block diagrams. Our Documentation System Sets include both templates: pictorial and a list Organizational Chart. Visit our Products page to see how our Documentation Sets can help improving your quality or environmental management system.

 Business Organizational Chart

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