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Quality control v. quality systems

Quality Control is a discipline preceding 
contemporary approaches to quality. This

ages-old approach focuses on detection of

failures, while quality management focuses
on prevention of non-conformities
Quality Control

Quality Control and Quality Management Systems

  • Overwhelmed with high rejects rate in quality control?

  • Cost of non-conformities is killing you?

  • Folks on the floor are not following procedures?

  • Clients ask for ISO 9001 certification?

  • Wish you could do things right the first time?

We can help! Quality Control is a discipline preceding contemporary approaches to quality. This ages-old approach focuses on detection of defects, while contemporary methods focus on root cause analysis and prevention of such non-conformities.  The history of standards for contemporary quality systems quality systems traces back to 1959, when the U.S. Department of Defense released a quality management program under the designation MIL-Q-9858. For nearly two decades, this standard was primarily used in the U.S. defense and aerospace industries. In the mid 1960s, the former Soviet Union introduced a national standard in an attempt to manage quality or goods across the country.

In 1987 ISO completed and released its 9000 series of standards. The ISO 9000 series of standards first gained popularity in Europe. By the late 1980ís, ISO 9000 standards had reached the U.S. market.  ISO 9001 standard are not product specific and can be used by a wide range of manufacturing and service companies. The ISO 9001 standard requires that a company develops and implements a basic quality management system, using the specific elements to ensure the company is capable of maintaining uniformity of its processes and, as a result, provides its customers with a consistent quality of products and services.  Check our Products page to see how our ISO documentation can help you solve your "quality control" problems and improve quality of your products and services!

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