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How to write procedures - How to write procedures training courseThis one-day on-site training course is for those who creates ISO 9001 management system documentation, procedures and policies.  Procedures are needed either because of a requirement of a standard or consistency of execution of a task requires specific steps in particular order.  Writing clear procedures and policies is not as easy as it seams.  Often procedures include excessive reference structure, unnecessary elements and other attributes that make them difficult to understand and follow.  When a procedure is written clearly, it helps your employees to perform their job more efficiently.  The good news is that your team can obtain the knowledge and practical skills to write clear procedures in just one day.  In return, your knowledge will significantly improve the quality of your ISO 9001 management system procedures and policies.


This one-day seminar will help your team to discover how to write clear procedures easily.  The course includes numerous group assignments, practical exercises and helpful templates to assist participants in becoming professional procedure writers.  

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